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Precision Metal Stampings

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Metal Stamping Solutions. Ask the experts!

Whip City Tool & Die Corporation
Whip City Tool & Die Corp. has been specializing in precision metal stamping manufacturing since 1957.

Our history with Fourslide, Multislide, & Vertislide machines speaks volumes of our knowledge in the industry.

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Quality Tools & Dies, Designers

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Reverse Engineering Available

Whip City Tool & Die Corporation's tool and die makersWhip City Tool & Die Corp.'s tool & die designer's combine 50+ years of hands-on knowledge of machine and shop operations with today's latest computer-aided design (CAD) software to design machine tools, parts and stamping dies in a cost effective method for our customers.
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In addition to developing and producing new tools and dies, tool & die makers also repair worn and/or damaged tools, dies, gauges, jigs and fixtures. More Tools & Dies »

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Fourslide, Multislide & Vertislide Machines » Pressworking Machinery

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***3 Machines Available - V-82 Vertislides***

Whip City Tool & Die Corporation specializes in repairing and rebuilding Fourslide, Multislide & Vertislide machines.

No other wire and strip-forming machine can match the fourslide in versatility and efficiency.

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V-82.5 Vertislide | V-83 Vertislide

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