Supplier & Subcontractor
Evaluation Survey

Updated Friday, August 14, 2015 at 09:13 EST

As a requirement of ISO 9001:2008, Whip City Tool & Die Corporation surveys its new suppliers and subcontractors.

To become one of our approved suppliers, we would appreciate your prompt cooperation completing this survey.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me (413)569-5528 or .

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Whip City Tool & Die Corp. - Supplier & Subcontractor Evaluation Survey 

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Key Personnel 


1. Is your company ISO/QS certified? YES NO N/A

If you are currently certified to an ISO or QS standard, please indicate so in question #1 and attach your current certification, complete * required fields, and send the survey.

Or you may choose to fax (413)569-0494, Attention: Lisa Freeman.

If you do not have these types of certifications, please complete the entire survey.

 Quality Management System 

2. If you are not ISO/QS certified, do you intend to get certification? 
If so, When?

3. Do you have a quality system in place with supporting documentation, such as a quality manual?  YES  NO  N/A 

4. Are all documents controlled and updated to current revisions and complete specifications?  YES  NO  N/A 

5. Have storage, retrieval and protection requirements been determined and implemented for records?  YES  NO  N/A 

5a. What is the retention time for certifications?* 
     (i.e. Material, Mill, Heat Treating, Plating, etc.)

6. Is product checked for conformance to our specifications and requirements throughout processes?  YES  NO  N/A 

6a. Are documented inspections of these processes available and recorded? 

7. Do you evaluate your Suppliers on their performance relative to your quality requirements?  YES  NO  N/A 

8. Is incoming material inspected for conformance to Purchase Order requirements?  YES  NO  N/A 

9. Can you supply product or service to our specifications and requirements per the Purchase Order?  YES  NO  N/A 

10. Do you have a system to handle nonconforming product or services? 

11. Any general comments you would like to add:

 Person Completing Survey 

Form F039, Rev. 1-3-2014

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